Adding a new, old, YouTube video

I know, that title is confusing, let me try to explain it…
Some of you might remember a while ago I added a post where I said I had gotten a new camera and had finally finished uploading all my old pictures and videos to various sites from my old camera, hence the bad quality of those videos and pictures, so all the new ones should be better quality.
Well, as it turns out I forgot about some videos, kind of.
I tried to upload these before but for some reason every time I tried to edit the videos the audio would be there but the video would disappear.
I had thought originally that it was a corrupt file so I just thought I wouldn’t be able to upload that particular video, but after doing some research it turns out I just had to tweak the compatibility settings on my editor and low and behold, suddenly now its working.
So, I will upload those soon, and add another post to let you know what the video is about, what that little adventure is etc, and I hope you all enjoy it.
Problem solved 😀


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