Blue Rodeo country and western

dscf2224Whats up guys and girls,  welcome back to another blog post, I hope your all doing well.
So for this post I thought I would tell you all about my new video, where I was, what I was doing etc…
So essentially, when I was 13 or 14 years old, I got talked into doing these re-enactment weekends by my dad.
At the time I thought it was a bit of a joke, who wanted to go dress up as cowboys and Indians with a bunch of old people right?
Well it turned out to be more fun that I gave it credit for.
When I first walked in the door and saw them all in their outfits I had to hold in the laughs, but when you try it and get to know the people there you start to get into it and enjoy it and I started to make some really good friends.
My first visit there I was stood at the bar waiting for my cola ( I was too young for alcohol) and I turned around and a foot in front of me was this guy, about my height, looked like he was made of muscle and he was dressed in the full Indian chief outfit, complete with head dress, warpaint and tomahawk, quite and intimidating image… and then he spoke to me.
He had the broadest Welsh accent I had ever heard.
Turned out he was the former Mr Wales, hence why he was made of muscle, apparently he had a 30 inch neck when he used to compete, that’s like the size of my waist, that’s insane.
But he turned out to be a nice guy, we had a good chat, and he was just one of the few people I made friends with along the years there.
The weekend is made up of country music, line dancers, quick draw re-enactments (with blank firing guns of course), relaxing and spending time with friends, plus grandma’s home made cooking.
When I was around 19 or 20 years old I stopped going to these re-enactments, there were some personal issues at the time and I just didn’t feel right going to them anymore.
Fast forward another 7 years and my dad was going to another re-enactment weekend and said I should come, see some old friends again, it would be fun.
So I tagged along, it was fun, but there wasn’t many people there that I knew and didn’t seem the same as before.
But generally it was still a fun weekend with few friends from years ago, and even though I didn’t dress up this time around it was a nice way to get away from the usual day to day work life.
If you have the chance to try a re-enactment weekend, whether country and western, viking, medieval etc, then I highly recommend giving it a try, even if its only once, its well worth the experience.
If you have any stories of re-enactments you’ve been to or seen, leave them in the comments, or drop me a message.
What sort of re-enactment was it? What sort of re-enactment do you think you would enjoy the most?
I’ll look forward to your responses.
See you all on the next post.


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