Whats up guys and girls,
First thing, I apologise for not uploading a new post in a while, to be honest I kept meaning to do one but things kept getting in the way but here we are and I thought what better way to jump back onto my blog than to tell you about the crazed antics that were last weekend.
Last weekend was such a good weekend, Saturday night in particular, and I’ll tell you why…
Dia de la dos muertos! That’s right, the Mexican day of the dead….kind of.
So the real Mexican day of the dead is actually in November and has a lot of significance with remembering loved ones that have passed on and I believe religious significance, whereas the one that I attended had slightly different meaning, in that the day of the dead was really just an aesthetic theme for this night.
Essentially what I did Saturday was attend a party that is loosely based around the day of the dead with a DJ, live music, acrobats, candy skulls, skull processions etc.
It was a combination of circus act, theatre, carnival, nightclub and party all rolled into one.
The choice of venue was an old warehouse that is now just the shell of the building, with a stage and lighting rigged up, but this only added to the overall feel of the night.
This combined with a great light show, the many different stage acts, the costumes, professional skull candy face painting, made for a truly unique experience and not one to be missed, if you find yourself with the chance to attend one of these parties I would highly recommend jumping at the opportunity.
I found myself once again in the great company of three amazing girls, two of which you will have heard about from my Wyre forest post, the third I met for the first time on the night, and I hope to see a lot more of these girls, you couldn’t ask to meet kinder more caring people .
Our original plan had been to go wild camping for a couple of nights in the peak district, however due to severe rain and wind warnings we decided to forgo that idea in favour of the party instead.
Having eventually arrived after searching for the building for a while (it was down a random side street in the middle of nowhere) I found myself waiting for the girls outside on the road, who while they are great girls, are apparently incredibly slow at getting ready and were a little later than we had planned.
While I was waiting I was watching the other party goers entering and thinking to myself, I am woefully under-dressed for this, I was in shirt and jeans and these other guys and girls were dressed to the nines, really went all out.
While admiring some of the costumes, a random guy did offer me cocaine, while a second offered to sell me tickets, I politely refused both offers and a little while later the girls arrived and we made our way inside.
After a descent down some fairly steep metal stairs and showing our tickets we entered to the sound of cheering and music, cheering because the act on stage was currently swallowing a sword.
Aside from the guys outside with the cocaine etc the rest of the night, once we were inside, was a great happy fun night, although one of the girls was a little drunk, and when I say a little I mean a lot, I had to keep stopping her from falling over, and on several occasions people found themselves with a very intoxicated attractive young woman hanging off there necks as she had thrown her arms around them to catch herself, although I’m sure they didn’t mind.
We danced and qued for the face-painting which unfortunately closed as we got to the front of the line, and then eventually as her sobriety declined further we thought it best to get her home
So we somehow managed to help her back up the steep metal stairs and into an uber where she quickly fell asleep and the rest of us enjoyed some noodles and I bid them goodnight and got another uber back to my own home and my own bed for some sleep too.
Sunday morning dorned and the three of us met up again, this time for the St Patricks day parade.
I found the parade itself to be somewhat lacklustre, however there were some decent parts here and there, like a lot of kilt wearing bagpipers lead by a catholic priest, a horde of many vespa scooters and for some reason a Chinese dragon, not what I was expecting at an Irish parade.
None the less the day was fun and it was nice to spend the weekend with the girls as unfortunately for two of them the stay in the UK will soon be coming to a close, which means if I want to see them again it will be by taking a trip to Taiwan….which is actually a pretty appealing prospect, and I’ll be sure to blog about that too.
So, in closing, you can find the youtube video from the day of the dead party here and the video for St Patricks day parade here.
What did you all get up to at the weekend? How will you celebrate St Patricks day, if you do?
I look forward to hearing all your feedback, see you all again on the next post.


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