Next adventure, new phone, better pictures on the go.

Whats up guys and girls, welcome back again, today’s post is just an update of whats going on with me at the moment.
Haven’t really been on any new adventures in a little while because I’ve been working and doing a lot of overtime, but I’ve booked off the next couple weeks so I’m planning on a couple trips to tell you about.
My original plan had been to cycle the lands end to john o’groates bike ride, which is from the bottom of England to the top of Scotland…. Unfortunately the day I was due to start that adventure my back wheel on my bike decided to break to the point that it was un-repairable, and my phone did the same, so I had to order a new wheel and new phone, both of which have now arrived, the wheel is replaced and attached to the bike and the new phone is all set up and ready to go.
So this means two things; the first is that I no longer have time for the big bike ride like I had hoped so I will be replacing it with 2 or 3 smaller adventures, which I will tell you about in a moment. The second thing is that the new phone is a drastic upgrade from my old phone, I’ve gone from an old Vodafone smart 4 turbo, to a Samsung galaxy S7, so the camera and efficiency and performance has improved ten-fold and I will be able to take much clearer, higher quality pictures for you all to see while I’m on the go and don’t have my camera to hand or just want to snap a photo quickly.
So, the part your all really interested in, where are my next adventures going to be to….
Well I was thinking I might cycle to the peak district and do some wild camping up there to make up for the cancelled peak district trip I was going to take before.
I’m also planning on a day hike round the Malvern hills and possibly some cycling around the Cornish coast, if the time permits, thankfully the weather at the moment is supposed to be nice so it should make for some great days off work.
So, that’s just a little update for you all, stay tuned for the next blog after its all done, and if you have any suggestions for places to go or adventures to undertake during my time off then do message me or leave a comment and let me know your ideas, I look forward to hearing from you all.


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