Whats up guys and girls, I’ve finally gotten around to adding the newest blog post from the peak district that I promised you all a while back, hopefully you find it entertaining.
My plan was to ride from Birmingham to Edale in the peak district for this section of ride, which was roughly 80 miles, so in order to get there while it was still light I had to start the journey early in the day.
Unfortunately like all well made plans it didn’t exactly work like that and I ended up leaving at around 1pm.
My route took me through Lichfield and Burton on Trent, Ashbourne and Buxton, following bike paths, canals and roads (where I tried to stick mainly to the pavement when it was possible, people drive like maniacs round these country roads).
The sites that I saw along the way were beautiful, and I took as many videos and pictures as possibly as I went before my batteries ran out.
You can find the video on my YouTube channel here.
I had my action camera on the handle bars, my phone as my GPS and my WX500 camera for pictures and videos along the way.
So with my panniers loaded up I started the trip.
All was going well, with me averaging between 10 – 15 miles an hour, right up until I was almost in Burton on trent, when I hit a patch of canal that was pure mud and slowed me down to about 3 miles an hour and destroyed my legs.
But I pushed through it and managed to enjoy the sites that the canal had to offer, while stopping for a flapjack break to get my energy back.
Eventually after much perseverance and feeling very tired and aching I arrived in Edale, chained the bike to a fence, grabbed my bags and set out to find somewhere to camp.
At this point though it was already 9:10pm and the sun had already set, there was no light to see by and I had to follow the beam of my head torch to find my way.
At this time of night finding a spot to camp can be tricky at best, but I set out along the Pennine Way in the hopes of finding a fairly flat spot to pitch my tent with the hope of waking up to a view.
After hiking for what felt like all night in my already tired state I found myself at the top of Jacobs ladder, in a very strong wind feeling very cold and tired and decided I would have to make due and settle there for the night.
However after making an attempt to put my tent up in the dark and the wind I soon discovered that the wind had other plans; each time the poles were put into the tent it turned into a kite and nearly blew me off the mountain, so the solution to this problem was simple….
….sleep flat on the floor without the tent,
I curled up in the sleeping bag and bivvy bag and settled in for the night hoping it wouldn’t rain, which thankfully it didn’t.
The wind persisted all night and made sleeping difficult, but I did wake up to a magnificent sunrise coming up over the peaks in front of me, which made the experiance much more worthwhile.
Quickly packing my things and grabbing some pictures on my phone (it was too cold to search through my bag for my camera), I made a fast descent back down the mountain and into the main town of Edale taking some pictures and videos along the way.

From there I started the equally tiring ride home, but feeling like I had had an experience to remember and made some memories not soon to be forgotten.


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