Welcome back to another adventure post and today I thought I would tell you about some urban exploration I did recently.
I was watching some videos on YouTube and I came across one about an abandoned train station in Sutton Coldfield.
I’ve spent a lot of time in and around Sutton Coldfield since I was a child, so this video surprised me as I had never heard anything about an old train station there.
To the best of my knowledge the train station that is used there now is the only one that was ever there, but after doing a little bit of research I discovered that there is indeed another station that is no longer in use.
Apparently this train station was opened in 1879 as the main train station in Sutton Coldfield and over the years has undergone several name changes, going from carrying passengers to just carrying cargo with the station closing down in 1925 and passengers using a second train line that runs from Sutton town centre.
The original train line is still in use but now it only carries freight trains.
The old station was made up of an upper station and a lower station, the upper being converted into a house while the lower station has been left to become derelict and overgrown.
Naturally upon finding out this information I felt intrigued and of course had to see this place for myself.
So I called a friend and together we headed into Sutton Coldfield and headed down the route that should have took us in the right direction.
After much crawling through brambles, nettles and holly we eventually did find the station.
It was a sorry site, the surrounding bushes had cans strung up to them, these we assumed were makeshift alarms to make noise and alert any homeless people sleeping inside the building.
The building itself was covered in graffiti and some of the roof had caved in.

The main windows and doors had been sealed up years ago, but some vandal had conveniently pulled some bricks out of the wall creating an opening just big enough to enter through.
I later found out there was a much bigger hole created around the other side of the building.
There was rubbish strewn all around the place, broken brick work and just a whole jumble of mess lying around, but it none the less had a slightly creepy feeling to it, like so many abandoned buildings do.
After looking around for a while the feeling of the place did start to take a slightly lighter atmosphere, even the graffiti had one nice part ”we stayed here for 4 months, treat it with respect”.
If you looked past the rubbish and mess you could start to get a sense of what it would have been like when it was in use and imagine the people that would have come and gone from this station.
I started to feel more comfortable with my exploration….that was until i entered the room at the very end of the station.
On the floor in this room, amongst the other mess, was a rope, tied into what looked like a noose, looking up I could see the frayed end of the rest of the rope tied to a gas pipe above me where I assume it must have snapped.
The whole place took a more morbid feel after this, and needless to say I didn’t stay long after I made that discovery.
I made my way back through the bushes and into the town and went for a relaxing walk around Sutton park instead where I caught a nice picture of a squirrel that decided to sit near us.

All in all it was an interesting experience that gets you thinking about life and the past and makes me wonder what other abandoned buildings there are to explore…. Denbigh asylum in Wales maybe, but that will be for another adventure.
What do you all think, is there anywhere like this you have explored?
As always I welcome any comments or messages, advice etc and I look forward to hearing from you all.


2 thoughts on “Exploring an abandoned train station

  1. The family of one of my friends has a vacation home in the countryside(I live in Brazil). I travelled there once and it is full of abandoned buildings all around it, like very creepy places. In one of the empty houses we went exploring we ended up finding a single old bathtub in the middle of a room. To this day it remains as one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen. It was just so out of place lol. But everything there had this very bad energy to it. I guess all old and abandoned places do


    • Sounds crazy, but great for exploring.
      For me I think one of the creepiest things you can find in an abandoned building is an old wheelchair.
      I don’t know why, maybe I’ve just seen too many horror films, but an old fashion wheelchair in an abandoned building just seems like one of those things you see right before the ghost gets you haha


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