London, haunted mansions and the next big adventure

Whats up guys and girls, welcome back to another blog post, I thought it was about time I brought you up to date.
I know its been a while, and you’ve all been waiting to hear the latest from me, so here it is:
I’m planning, and starting a monumental adventure soon, the likes of which I have never undertaken before and I hope you will all stick around until the end of this post to hear all about it, but first the things leading up to it and what I’ve been doing.
Since my last post I have been working working working, but also found that after exploring that abandoned train station, I had caught the urban exploration bug and started searching the internet for new places to explore that were close by.
I found an old orthopaedic hospital still complete with beds, x-rays and old wheelchairs that looked thoroughly creepy and so amazing to explore and take pictures around.
Unfortunately after more research I discovered that it had since been knocked down and turned into houses recently, so I just barely missed out on that.
I had a similar find with an old school, but likewise couldn’t explore this one as it had been routed by fire damage and wasn’t possible to explore any longer.
Now, at this point I knew there was Denbigh asylum in Wales but I didn’t want to have to travel that far ideally.
And then I found it, and I really don’t know how I had never heard of this place before, I live 10 minutes away from it.
The building I’m referring to is Great Barr hall, an old mansion from the 1700’s that was owned by the Scott Family and then later turned into a mental hospital before eventually being left to rot and ruin and fall apart.
Several different companies have bought it over the years with plans to refurbish it and make use of it, however after after an arson attack a few years back it has been left derelict, fenced off, closed to the public with the nature reserve around it left to overgrow.
The nature reserve is what used to be the grounds of the mansion, and comes complete with a man made lake, and is also apparently haunted by the ghost of the late lady Scott, who has been seen over the lake, supposedly luring men into the water where they lose their minds.
Of course that story could just stem from the buildings time as a mental hospital….there is no denying though, the place definitely has an eerie feeling to it.
Most of the floors have been completely burnt away now so that all that is left is remains of the walls and the crumbling ground floor where you can see down into underground tunnels below the building itself.
I explored as much as I could but due to time restraints and the fact that it seemed as though the creaking old building might collapse on me at any moment I kept my visit brief, which is probably for the best seeing as there are signs dotted round the place saying police patrol the area, I didn’t much feel like being arrested.
But I did manage to capture some interesting footage which can be found here on my youtube channel.
It also helped me to discover something else, both that I dislike the sound of my voice, and why my video quality has been so bad before.
My camera takes amazing video, my phone takes amazing video, and my action cam takes amazing video, but then when I combine the different clips from different cameras in the editor it converts it all to 240p and changes the brightness and colours so it looks awful, so in future I will try to keep my video footage from one camera at a time to hopefully remedy this problem.
In other news, I paid a visit to London.
I hear what your thinking, what was I doing in London.
Well as a rule of thumb I generally avoid London if I can; its far too crowded, once you’ve done the tourist spots once there is nothing more to it, and its crazily expensive.
When you first arrive in London there is some awe as you walk around and feel like a typical tourist and get some wonder lust but after a few hours spent pushing your way through crowds it soon loses its grandeur.
Also for such a built up crowded in city how is it possible to be so windy, I had dust blown into my eyes so often while I was there, very annoying.
And while I did visit London zoo while I was there, which despite the gorillas being incredible, was drastically overpriced at £39 for one person, that wasn’t the main reason I was there.
I was in London to pay a visit to the US embassy for a visa interview….
No, I’m not moving to America, but I am going on a trip there, and that brings us nicely onto the big news, the thing you’ve all been waiting for, the crazy adventure I am soon to undertake.
On the 10th of August 2017, I will be flying to New York, and then from there riding my pedal bike across the country to San Francisco covering over 4000 miles in between and filming and blogging the whole journey along the way.
But wait, there’s more.
After I arrive in San Francisco I will be flying to New Zealand where I have a working holiday visa and Australia where I have another working holiday visa, and then from there I will be riding and adventuring around Asia and Europe, so over the next couple of years you will be able to follow all my crazy experiences over the course of many different countries, all for your entertainment purposes, both here on the blog and on my youtube channel, where I will hopefully improve even more at video making.
And this will be all on my first ever trip outside of the UK, my first time travelling, so go big or go home right?
So there you have it, if you have any recommendations of places I should go to on my travels and things to do, then let me know, feel free to leave a comment, and if you like my content then don’t forget to subscribe for more.


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