I thought you might like to know a little more about me, and what this website/ blog/ collection of randomness is all about.
Well I’m a just a normal guy that’s still young enough to enjoy myself but old enough to not be a complete idiot about it.
I work full time for a company that makes kits for hospitals, that the hospital then uses to test for cancer.
But growing up I never planned on working just for the sake of working.
While its great to be able to enjoy your job, your job should also enable you to enjoy all the other amazing things that life has to offer.
Thankfully my job is flexible enough to allow me to do just that.
So not wanting my life to be just the normal mundane activities that everyone else does when they’re not working (which near where I live seems to just be watching T.V. and occasionally going out drinking), I decided to try to go places I’ve never been before, get out of the house and enjoy doing new things, push my boundaries and conquer my fears, go beyond my limits and really experience life the way it should be experienced.
So that is what you have found on this site, a little sneak peak into my life and all the things I try to fill it with.
From hiking and wild camping, to cycling and skydiving. Restaurant reviews and recommended activities, funny stories and travel experiences, you’ll find it all in my blog posts, photos and videos, so stay tuned and let me know if you have and ideas you would like me to try too.


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